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Sleep Studio

Coricraft’s new Sleep Studio aims to make it easier to decorate your entire bedroom by providing an extensive collection of quality beds, mattresses and related furniture and furnishings. Their complete bedroom range will also include a variety of customisable headboards, bases, bed ends, pedestals, tables, dressers, drawer units, chests, blanket boxes, chairs, ottomans and chaises. Their extensive selection of Cori Slumber mattresses, available at different price points, along with the private testing area they are including in every store, makes it easier to choose the best mattress for your individual needs. Coricraft will also launch their first ever selection of bed linen to complement these furnishings. Coricraft’s merchandising director Lee Reichman says, ‘Our core offering of quality mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture combined with our new range of bed linen and assorted range of customisable fabric and leather scatters and glamorous decor accessories, including wall art, mirrors, screens, vases and candleholders, makes creating individual bedroom looks truly effortless.’ The store is specifically designed to make the shopping experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible by conveniently placing product information where it is easy to access and by creating unique display areas for customers to interact with the products. They will also offer same-day delivery on all items purchased before 2pm. The store will open on 3 October 2013 at the Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg. For more information, visit or the store's Facebook page.