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Sleep on a Cloud

Anyone who's suffered from insomnia, stayed up late to meet a deadline or woken up early to handle a fussy toddler knows the value of sleep. There are few things more precious in this world than a night of solid rest, and the bedding that you're using goes a long way to ensuring the sort of comfort you need to snooze well. Deep, satisfying slumbers is precisely what family-run business Granny Goose specialises in. The local company crafts premium linen, duvets and pillows that swathe bedtime in luxury, and its two latest products take the promise for to a whole new heavenly level. The first is the Deluxe Feather Bed (featured above), a thick layer of duck down that you can place on top of your mattress to give your bed another coat of comfort - rumour has it it's like sleeping on a cloud. The new Deluxe version is significantly deeper than anything Granny Goose has offered before and it also comes with an extra button-on layer of down that is removable and washable. We have no doubt that lying down on this gem will make you feel like sleep royalty. Then there's also the new Polish goose down duvet, which features Granny Goose's most luxurious filling encased in cotton with a thread count of 300. It takes less of this particular type of down to fill a duvet than is normally required, which means that it has a superior warmth-to-weight ratio. In other words, you'll stay very snug in winter, but because the duvet is so light and soft, you won't get uncomfortably toasty or feel like you're being pinned down by a hefty cloak of heat.

down duvets Granny Goose's new Polish goose down duvets are the lightest and warmest available for winter.

The Deluxe Feather Bed topper is available for single, three quarter, double, queen and king-size beds and its price starts at R2 995; the Polish goose down duvets are also sold in a wide range of sizes (including super king and California king), with the box-stitch option starting at R5 950 and the Four Seasons option starting at R8 040. Visit for more information.