Lounge and Living Space, rooms

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Thinking of updating your lounge? We turn to top local designers to bring you the best decor the continent has to offer.


lounge Geometric shapes meet metallic accents and sleek textures in a look that is all about luxury. Think Art-Deco cool, but with fewer mirrors.


lounge Invigorate your lounge with fresh natural touches such as leafy foliage and vibrant pops of green and terracotta. Introducing different textiles and fabrics will add depth.


lounge Bring the outdoors inside with pieces made out of renewable materials such as wood or stone. Not only are these finishes visually interesting, but they’re also durable, timeless and kind to the environment.


lounge Let your personality do the talking by mixing and matching a variety of colours, patterns and trends. If youʼre worried about cohesion, pick one hue and carry it throughout the room.


lounge For subtly sophisticated styling, layer similar shades of grey, beige and white with warm hints of pink, red or coral. Sumptuous fabrics and cosy lighting will result in a welcoming ambience.