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Q&A: Tempur Mattress

Is your mattress affecting your life? Here is some amazing advice straight from the experts... HL chatted to Jenni Jameson, Pharmaline's Business Development Manager, about how your mattress could be effecting your life and your relationship and what can be done to improve it:   Too little sleep may affect your health, mood, weight, your love life and even your sex life. One of the many effects of sleep deprivation is a loss of libido and a decrease in interest in once pleasurable activities. Good quality, consistent sleep means a healthier, happier relationship – and a far more satisfying sex life. Perhaps, it’s not what’s going on between couples that may be getting in the way of great sex, but, it’s what’s beneath them! Have you considered that your mattress may be a “third participant” in your sex life? An uncomfortable bed can stifle creativity, activity, motion and playfulness. Your bed should participate and improve your experience, if not, it could be hurting your sex life. A bad mattress could be affecting your sleep AND your personal life. What if your mattress could help your sleep, health and relationship? A quality mattress might just be the key to longevity - and more fun between the sheets. We use a bed for two main purposes: sleeping and sex, with up to a third of our lives spent in bed, pursuing one activity or the other. So it’s important, especially for couples, to find a mattress that is conducive to both activities. Effects of sleep deprivation on your sex life:

  • Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, fatigue, moodiness, slower metabolism, and an impaired immune system
  • According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (USA), up to 26% of people say that their sex lives tend to suffer because they're just too tired
  • Sleep loss can make you quarrelsome and less able to cope with life’s ups and downs (as the stress hormone, cortisol, is elevated)
  • Sleep deprivation tends to decrease the experience of positive emotions
  • Your attractiveness and physical signs of health and vitality decreases with poor sleep
Get your sex- and sleep-life back on track with TEMPUR:
  • Partners who express affection regularly report being happier in their relationships, before going to sleep take the time to let your partner know that you appreciate them
  • Shut down electronics - tablets, laptops etc can also alienate a partner as one tends to engage in these activities alone, not to mention over stimulating your brain right before bed time
  • Consistent good sleep reduces tension, feelings of stress, nervousness and irritability
  • More than six hours of sleep improves your relationship satisfaction
  • Adjustable beds address the ergonomic issues that today’s lifestyles can create as they put you into a zero-gravity zone, which is rejuvenating and restorative on your joints, muscles, organs and circulatory system
  • PLUS - adjustables create many more options for your love-life - you can raise the foot of the bed or move the head of the bed; this introduces a whole new world of possibilities
  • From an intimacy perspective, adjustable beds are the ‘Kama Sutra’ of the mattress industry – as they can give you options that you didn’t have before and even massage you
  • TEMPUR is designed to contour to your body shape, a feature which may alleviate any discomfort during intimacy, by providing comfortable support without causing pressure on knees, butt, elbows or hands which allows a person to stay in certain positions longer
  • You’ll be assured of discreet love-making as TEMPUR absorbs motion and does not bounce – which means no noisy bed 
As your body changes so does it supportive and health needs. Consider investing in a sleep solution that will let you enjoy your two favourite ‘s’-words: sleep and sex. Two activities that directly contribute to your day-to-day happiness.'A scientific sleep system means more enjoyable and comfortable sex – and also better sleep,' says Jenni. 'This in turn means more energy and rest.' Perhaps, a better mattress may just be the new aphrodisiac. When buying a mattress, the most important consideration is personal comfort. As everyone’s definition of comfort is different, TEMPUR offers three different mattress collections, each with a distinct feel. Whichever collection you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of TEMPUR. When you lie down on a TEMPUR mattress it conforms to the shape of your body - soft where you want it and firm where you need it™. A TEMPUR mattress will let your body find its most comfortable position and support it there for your best night's sleep. The TEMPUR range includes mattresses, pillows, specialised lumbar support products, a travel range and adjustable bases, as well as accessories and linen. Along with headboards and bases distributed by Pharmaline, TEMPUR is available in showrooms countrywide. For more information and your closest showroom call 0861-60-60-60 or visit tempur.com and pharmaline.co.za. What are you waiting for? Change your life today!