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Q&A: Sealy Cot Mattress

A quality mattress ensures you have a good nights sleep all night, every night. So, when it comes to your babies comfort they should have nothing but the best!

HL chatted to Sealy Posturepedic about how having the right mattress for your baby benefits them in more ways than you can imagine:

No-one understands the benefits of a healthy night’s sleep better than Sealy Posturepedic. Sealy brings you optimum support and safety for your most precious possession – your baby. Using the purest, non-allergenic materials, the Sealy Baby Cot Mattress is breathable, comfortable, supportive and fits a standard cot frame. Every consideration has resulted in a washable, waterproof and durable product with PU film barrier, Infinilux pad layer, the low profile Sealy pocket system and many more benefits. Now, your precious baby can sleep on a plush, gentle sleeping surface and you can sleep too, knowing your baby is supported by snuggle-down comfort.

‘Sweet Dreams’ on a Sealy Cot Mattress

Did you know that babies develop more in their first four years than in all the remaining years of life, spending much of their early days and nights fast asleep. Trust Sealy to give them the correct comfort and support. Specially made for little ones. Sealy uses only top quality, natural, non-allergenic materials to keep baby snug and safe!

The amazing Sealy Baby Cot Mattress Benefits to last a lifetime:


  • Non-allergenic fabric with an anti-bacterial finish
  • A PU film barrier protects the mattress core against infestation of allergy-causing dust mites
  • The PU film forms a waterproof coating


  • A plush, gentle sleeping surface made from imported soft knitted fabric provides snuggle-down comfort
  • A Infinilux pad layer provides non-allergenic insulation for lasting durability and additional support


  • A Sealy low profile pocket innerspring system supports baby’s growing body


  • The mattress fabric is both washable and waterproof
  • Surface can be wiped with a damp cloth (do not use excessive water) and use wild soap if necessary.
  • The unique Sealy innerspring system provides additional strength and durability

Good Sleep Tips from Sealy

  • Babies sleep much better if they are placed on their backs from the very beginning
  • Keep your baby’s cot in the same room with you at night, at least for the first six months
  • Don’t let anyone smoke in the same room as the baby
  • Don’t share a bed with your baby or sleep with your baby on the couch, especially if you have been smoking, taking drugs or drinking, as this can increase the risk of squashing or smothering the baby
  • Don’t let your baby get too hot or too cold
  • Keep room at a comfortable temperature
  • Keep the baby’s head uncovered
  • Place the sleep covers no higher than shoulder level
  • Baby should sleep in the “feet to foot” position in the cot, leaving ample room above the baby’s head
  • Don’t let your baby sleep with a hot water bottle or an electric blanket, or near a heater
  • If your baby is unwell or is running a temperature seek medical advice immediately.  It is better to be safe than sorry
  • The cot should be made up with blankets tucked in securely, but not over-tight

For more information, visit sealy.co.za or phone them on (011) 309-4000