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Q&A: AVENTOS Cabinets

We all know how frustrating it is trying to open and close small cupboards in your kitchen and fumbling around for that one ingredient you cannot find while trying to cook - very annoying.

HL chatted to Eclipse about how their amazing AVENTOS HK-S cabinets, which fit into the smallest of small spaces, will make life in your kitchen that much easier:

AVENTOS HK-S is a scaled down lift system specially designed for those smaller, upper cabinets above pantry units or appliances. Only one light touch will lift the cabinet door up and out of your way so that you have easy access to the interior without doors getting in your way.

The AVENTOS HK-S lift system enables the user to keep the cabinet door in any full or partially open position, which makes it so easy to get what is needed out of the unit. The integrated BLUMOTION technology ensures silent and effortless soft-closing and doors feel so light and comfortable to use.  The lift system is very compact so that it fits harmoniously into smaller cabinets with a maximum of 400mm in height, preserving as much storage space as possible. AVENTOS HK-S can also be used with TIP-ON.

If the height of the kitchen allows for it, AVENTOS HK-S can be used with design elements such as cornice or crown moulding.  Smart and sleek, AVENTOS HK-S is a past winner of a Red Dot Design Award.  It’s one of those small, clever ideas that make a big impact on moving about and working efficiently in the kitchen.

AVENTOS HK-S for Sleeker Small Cabinets available exclusively from Eclipse.

For more information, visit www.eclipsegroup.co.za.