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1 room dressed 5 ways

If you had the opportunity to style your bedroom from scratch, what look would you go for? We considered this question to explore five unique aesthetics - from the ultra graphic and modern to the elegant and romantic. All it takes is a few key elements to completely transform a space. So whether you're in the midst of a total makeover or simply want to update your bedroom, take a cue from these different - but equally stunning - styles.

1. nature-inspired

natural texture room With a striking trellis-patterned wall as its main feature, the nature-inspired bedroom seamlessly combines sharp edges with rounded oak elements. Shades of green are used in a variety of textures, from the large monstera leaf to a beautiful linen throw and occasional chair, which add depth and life to the modern space.

2. graphic clash

graphic rooms body The focal point of this room is the striking orange wall painted in Sunset in the Desert by Plascon, which ties all the other graphic elements together. Zigzags, lines, stripes and grids work in unison to create a modern and edgy feel.

3. multifaceted

multifaceted room The geometric rug and hexagonal sidetable resemble shattered glass, adding an element of organised chaos to the room. While any colour would work well to accentuate the space, we opted for Plason's Tiny Pink, which creates a playful, feminine mood.

4. micro mono

micro mono room The varying scales of the monochromatic elements in this room clash completely - which is why we love it. Micro-prints and textures work well with the large-structured bed and standing lamp. Tribal and Aztec-inspired prints fuse with contemporary eastern influences in monochromatic tones, adding the finishing touch.

5. floral fancy

floral fancy room The old-world floral Aubusson is the perfect contrast to the contemporary elements of the room, which expose strong, sharp lines. Velvety textures and the soft, natural hues on the wall add a touch of romance and elegance to the space.
This feature originally appeared in House and Leisure's Jan/Feb 2017 issue.