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Cook on Stainless Steel


Just when you think that adored cookware company Le Creuset couldn't possibly come up with yet another product range that just begs to be bought, they go and do it again. The kitchen mavens have just launched a new collection of pots and pans that are so handsome and sleek, they'll make you want to spend hours at the stovetop. The brand new Bi-Ply range takes all that’s great about Le Creuset’s Stainless Steel products and combines this with all that’s covetable about the brand’s Toughened Non-Stick collection. The result is a two-layer make-up that boasts a premium scratch-resistant stainless steel interior and a robust coated non-stick exterior. BiPlyinsitu This marriage means that the cookware distributes heat evenly from bottom to top, is highly sensitive to temperature changes, is incredibly durable, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. The range includes a deep casserole pot, a shallow casserole pan with a lid, a lidded sauté pan, a frying pan and lidded saucepans, and all are dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 260C. They also all come with capacity markings so you can measure liquids easily, drip-free pouring rims and ergonomic stainless steel handles that offer a solid grip. Best of all, like many of Le Creuset’s other products, the Bi-Ply pans will last you an entire lifetime (they are covered by a lifetime warranty), so if you just treat yourself once, you’ll have top-of-the-range cooking companions forever. Bi-Ply1   The new cookware ranges in price from R1750 to R3450; find more info over at