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Motorise your Work Surface

Standing desks aren't quite the silver bullet they were hoped to be when, earlier this year, the media went a little nuts over a study comparing lengthy periods of sitting to smoking cigarettes. It turns out, wouldn't you know, that simply replacing a seated posture with a standing one doesn't solve the problem of inactivity all that much. The problem isn't so much the position as it is remaining in it for too long. Enter the hybrid desk: able to telescope to standing height and then slink back down to size at the touch of a button, they enable office workers to change position whenever they please. And among the first offices to take up this new idea, recently available in South Africa, is the local branch of H&M. 'At H&M we believe in creating a healthy and balanced work environment for all employees,' says Amelia-May Woudstra of H&M’s communications department. 'And since we spend so much time at the office, it was only natural to order office furniture to help us function better.' With a fiercely ecological mentality in this global-warming world, H&M turned to Go Green Projects for help in stocking the office with electronically extendable desks that fit an eco-friendly manifesto. The results? Those at H&M are pretty chuffed – and frank – about them: 'We're very productive. Our bodies don’t ache so much. And to be honest, it's nice not to feel so constipated and bloated from sitting down all day.' 'Plus,' Amelia adds, invoking the unspoken but omnipresent law of swag value, 'The desks look really cool.'   newsletter_sept Be inspired by visionary houses and extraordinary art in HL September issue 2015!   READ MORE: Find co-working freedom 'Declutter' your desk H&M's opening date is set