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June Oven

June03 Never over cook dinner again! June is a computer-based oven that will let you know when food is ready. A 'precision instrument that's loaded with innovations never seen before in a countertop oven.' Really, the first proper kitchen computer. Read the specs here, which include a weight sensors and energy efficient heating elements. june04 June05 june062 But really what this smart oven does is monitor the preparation of your food through core temperature cooking. It will send you notifications and even shut off automatically when the pre-programmed 'doneness' is reached. There are also some serious credentials behind this innovative product, the co founders and CEOs none other than engineers who worked on both the Apple iPhone and iPad. One to watch![/embed] (via LG UK on YouTube) In the quest for a smart home, some brands are making good progress. But talking washing machines and fridges are not new, in fact we've been hypothesising their existence for so long that there's even a site devoted to jokes about them. But perhaps like some of these inventions, for example the fridge that will help you to stick to your diet, the June oven might actually prove to be really useful.