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Inside the bedroom of Tessa Holding

Frances Marais

Ever wondered how SA’s most stylish sleep? We go inside the bedrooms of some of our favourite local creatives for ideas on how to transform your own into a sleep sanctuary with loads of personality. Last week we hopped into bed with Amanda Dilima, retail leasing consultant at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Today, we explore the bedroom of photographer and co-owner of textile and homeware store Mungo, Tessa Holding.

Inside the bedroom of Tessa Holding

What’s your most cherished item in your bedroom?
A painting a family friend did of me painting stripes onto a zebra as a young girl. I loved horses and she loved wildlife.

How would you describe the style or aesthetic of the space?
Simple, practical and uncluttered.

To what extent would you say it’s still a work in progress?
I have not quite got the curtaining or blinds right. I like a bright space, being woken by the sunrise and not having to close all the curtains. But, living in a city, the surrounding lights can be disturbing when trying to sleep at night.

What are your five favourite items in your room and where are they from?
1. Pure linen bedding from Mungo. And I’m very spoilt, of course.
2. My sidetables from Vamp.
3. Plants from Stodels.
4. A refurbished chair, fitted and covered by Mungo
5. ‘Oh My God, I Miss You’ picture from MOMA New York. I travel a lot for work and it somehow fits.

Do you have any rituals before going to sleep or straight after waking up?
I shower in the evenings to wash off the day. I use wass night oil on my wrists and temples to add a sense of wellbeing.

Why do you love your bedroom? How does this space fuel your life and creativity?
It is light, with a bit of a mountain view. It has a door leading outside onto a deck and is surrounded by a healthy green hedge. When the sun streams in in the mornings, our cat and dog lounge around in the sunshine. My husband and I are great coffee-in-bed drinkers and mornings are the best time of the day to chat about life. In this space, I feel content to continue into the world knowing the simple things that make me happy.

Do you consider your room a private space?

If you could add one artwork, item of furniture or object to this room, what would it be?
A good bench at the bottom of the bed, to sit on while putting on shoes.

inside the bedroom of tessa holding