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Inside the bedroom of interior designer Liam Mooney

Frances Marais

Ever wondered how SA’s most stylish sleep? We go inside the bedrooms of some of our favourite local creatives for ideas on how to transform your own into a sleep sanctuary with loads of personality. Previously we hopped into bed with Amanda Dilima, retail leasing consultant at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and Tessa Holding, co-owner of textile and homeware store Mungo. Today, we explore the bedroom of interior designer Liam Mooney.

Inside the bedroom of Liam Mooney

inside the bedroom of liam mooneyWhat’s your most cherished item in your bedroom? A mattress topper that changed my life. How would you describe the style or aesthetic of the space? Colourful, eclectic and youthful. To what extent would you say it’s still a work in progress? 100% What are your 5 favourite items in your room and where are they from? The artworks that form part of my collection from What If The World, flea markets and auctions. Do you have any rituals before going to sleep? I always shower before bed; I can't handle the idea of getting into bed if I'm not clean. Why do you love your bedroom? How does this space fuel your life and creativity? It's the one room no one else is allowed into, which is a welcome relief. Do you consider your room a private space? Totally. If you could add one artwork, item of furniture or object to this room, what would it be? I have a design for a very, very intricate quilt that I'm looking into having made.