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Inside the bedroom of Amanda Dilima

Frances Marais

Ever wondered how SA’s most stylish sleep? We go inside the bedrooms of some of our favourite local creatives for ideas on how to transform your own into a sleep sanctuary with loads of personality. Today, we explore the bedroom of Amanda Dilima, the retail manager for the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. You may recognise her from the coverage of her wedding in Vogue.

Inside the bedroom of Amanda Dilima

What’s your most cherished item in your bedroom?
My mirror above my vanity table. My mother gifted it to me on my 22nd birthday in my very first apartment in Woodstock in Cape Town. It has followed me throughout this city. Four moves later and it's one of my longest-standing items that I still use every day.

How would you describe the style or aesthetic of your space?
I would like to think comfortable, light and 'us' – meaning Dennis and I.

To what extent would you say it’s still a work in progress?
I could always add or upgrade something. But I am still happy every time I walk into my bedroom.

What are your favourite items in your room and where are they from?
1. My wedding images next to my bedside table. They were shot authentically by The Love Made Visible duo.
2. Dennis’ guitar. I have been serenaded and heard him play to himself so beautifully over the years.
3. Our four poster bed and net. The net is very useful in combating mosquitoes.
4. A vintage olive-green vanity. It's the only piece of colour Dennis has allowed into our white bedroom. We bought it from a secondhand shop in Woodstock.

Do you have any rituals before going to sleep or straight after waking up?
I ensure I have a bottle of water beside me, put my retainer on (not very sexy) and moisturise my hands. I then do a final scan of social media, which is a bad habit.

Why do you love your bedroom? How does this space fuel your life and creativity?
I love it because Dennis and I share it. Our bed is super comfortable and waking up in it with the view of the sea, city and stadium never gets old. I am fuelled daily by the quality of sleep it brings me.

Do you consider your room a private space?
When we are in it, yes. However when we are not, I am happy to share it. We keep it very neat. It’s an extension of our home.

If you could add one artwork, item of furniture or object to this room, what would it be?
I am desperately searching for an occasional armchair in a mustard yellow or dusty marmalade soft fabric for the corner of my bedroom.

in bed with amanda dilima

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