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Indestructible Beer Glasses


With the onset of summer comes an inevitable increase in social happenings at home that require trusty glassware. There's also no doubt that there'll be a demand for decent beer glasses from at least a few guests, particularly with the Rugby World Cup in full swing, which is where this smart product from Govino comes in. With a capacity of 475ml, these babies are about proper servings and there's no need to stress about broken glass when things get a little rowdy because they are shatterproof. The smart design means that they're easy to grip, especially when you've got braai tongs in the other hand. Being made from BPA-free polymer makes them lighter than normal glass too, making them easier to handle and lug around if you're off for a braai out in the open. According to, the glasses are also designed to equal the quality and clarity of proper beer glasses, meaning you can truly enjoy and show off that great craft beer. Lastly, they're 100% recyclable, so if and when they do reach the end of their lives as braai beer glasses, make sure you put them in with your recycling.