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Illuminate that Surface

Light up your work space, add something of interest to a table or give a dull surface stylish illumination – whatever your reason, desk and table lamps are a helpful and smart addition to most spaces. Not only do they offer you functional light, they are an opportunity to punctuate a space. Moreover, the light they give can be the very thing that 'fills' a space with a welcoming glow and we all know how critical that is to making a space feel complete. Here are five of our favourite lamps to come out lately:

1. gold shade

Go for gold with this theatre-inspired table lamp from Illuminati. Its minimalist design makes it a smart space-saver, while its adjustable shade and base make a truly useful lamp for your desk.


Price on request at

2. iron fist

This desk lamp from Woodenways seems to take inspiration from the vintage industrial trend with its iron lamp shade.


Costs R1 245 at

3. geometric shine

This fun, geometric copper lamp from Leg Studios will definitely get noticed.


Costs R 2 400 at

4. pull me close

It's certainly a practical solution for those looking to shed more light on their work, but we also love this design, found at K.Light, for its looks.


Costs R 2 370 from

5. strip right down

Tired of the traditional iterations of a lamp? Why not go for this stripped-down version, with exposed light bulb to boot.


Costs R499 at