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How to plan your kitchen like a pro

The kitchen can make or break a house – and a cook. When it comes to the layout, the important thing is that it has to be designed around your needs to eliminate as much toing and froing as possible without being cramped and cluttered. In this regard, thinking workflow and efficiency – easy access to important zones, space, storage and clever hacks – will save you time, legwork and frustration. Here are a few points to bear in mind and a few design solutions that could change the way you function in your cooking space.

Size doesn’t always matter

Most of us, especially when renovating, have limited space and a limited budget. If this is the case, being economical with space becomes all-important, so you have to make clever design decisions. Installing the cupboards for your glasses and crockery above the dishwasher would, for instance, save a lot of toing and froing. To further improve workflow, you could consider a Blum Aventos lift system, which has cupboard doors that cleverly lift up to open the entire cupboard front, making it easy to pack items into this space. It also means that anyone else wanting to use the kitchen won’t have to duck and dive the open doors while your work.
blumaventos The Blum Aventos system lifts the front of the cupboard up and out of the way.

Counter space is essential

Make a wish list of the equipment you’d like, and then be honest with yourself and cross out everything that you’ll never use. Clutter can kill the best-planned kitchen. The position of wall sockets go hand in hand with this. Where would you like to put the kettle? And the microwave? Make sure that you have more than enough plug points in the right spots so that you don’t end up with unsightly extension cords running across the counter.
Webvertorial_Eclipse_Embedded_wide6 Various different box systems are available for Blum's Space Tower.

Everything in its place and a place for everything

Storage space is possibly even more important than counter space, and it has to be where you need it, which is not always in the utility room. For an effective workflow, the ingredients you use every day have to be close at hand and preferably no more than a step or two from the stove. It’s a good idea to store bulk and back-up items in a large cupboard like Blum’s 900 – 1200mm Space Tower while having a smaller cupboard like Blum’s 450 – 600mm Space Tower in the kitchen for everyday items, such as bread, cereal, sugar, pasta, rice, oils and condiments.
Webvertorial_Eclipse_Embedded_wide8 It's possible to opt for different design elements on the sides of the Space Tower's boxes.

Think out of the box

There are many clever storage solutions available that will allow you to use every square centimetre in the kitchen. Some are really genius, like the U-shaped under-sink drawer from Blum. It fits around the bottom of the sink and is ideal for storing cleaning materials and cloths so that they are both out of sight and right where you need them.
Webvertorial_Eclipse_Embedded_wide3 The ingenious U-shaped pull-out from Blum makes use of dead space below the kitchen sink.

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