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How to be Space Savvy

Elsa Young <strong>Styling</strong>Leana Schoeman

The apartment of mother and blogger Bailey Bezuidenhout is inspiration for how to make small spaces work. Her home belies its size thanks to open plan living, leafy views and smart storage solutions. In order to make small space living work for her (plus her twin toddlers and husband Jan-Jan), Bailey has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Storage you can show off

The stuff of daily life (like a mountain of toys for the girls) is kept in attractive baskets she has collected, which can be displayed in the lounge without looking out of place. Her extensive open shelves also function as a display unit for books and artwork with jars packed with smalls. ‘I also try to cut back on toys they don’t need,’ she adds.

An essential hide-all closet

During their renovation, Bailey managed to make do with a small, yet hardworking closet carved from unused passage space outside her bathroom. In total, it manages to fit the tumble dryer, wine fridge and laundry basket as well as a set of shelves above for a plethora of life's less attractive necessities.

A truly tiny (but fruitful) kitchen garden

Each apartment in Bailey's block has been appointed a veggie garden allotment. Only the size of a door (literally, placed on the ground to measure out), she’s able to grow rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsely, chilli, spinach and more, depending on the season. 'We spend most summer afternoons in the patch working on it,' she says. 'I use it nearly every day. It's also quite communal so you can borrow from other peoples patches. I try to grow things that I would usually only have needed little of but ended up having to buy the whole bag.' Check out Bailey's blogs Kimmy & Bear and Bury & Discover