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Cookware Blues

Le Creuset

If you're an enthusiastic colourphile, your best bet is the kaleidoscopic cookware from premium French kitchenware company Le Creuset. The brand is constantly adding new hues to its palette to cater for the myriad tastes in tones out there, with its latest introduction being the cool shade of 'Mineral Blue'.

LCSpatula Le Creuset's Spatula Spoon in Mineral Blue

Set to launch on 21 March 2016, this soft new colour bears much resemblance to Serenity, one of the two Pantone colours of the year for 2016, and evokes the same sense of calm and elegance. As part of Le Creuset's Matte Collection (it also includes the hues Cotton and Amethyst), the dusty shade is softer, more muted and less glossy than many of the brand's other colours, which makes it ideal for all homeowners that are averse to having bright, bold tones in their kitchen.
LC3colours Le Creuset cookware in Mineral Blue, Amethyst and Cotton

A number of items from Le Creuset's enameled cast iron range and glazed stoneware collection are available in the new hue, including the Signature Round Casserole dish, the oil and vinegar set, large ramekins and a variety of jugs. Plus, fans of the company's renowned whistling teakettle will also be happy to know that it too can soon be bought in Mineral Blue.
LeCreuset1 Pasta bowl in Mineral Blue

We have to say that as much as we adore Le Creuset's other blues - including the vibrant Caribbean Blue and bold Marseille - we're very excited about the addition of a blue that has a slightly more mature and serious feel to it.
LCJug Jug in Mineral Blue

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