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4 cosy bedrooms we want this winter

Snuggling up during the cold months is that much more pleasurable when your bed is wrapped up in tactile linens, tucked under layers of knits and throws and plumped up with decorative scatters. The change of season means it's time to invest in the bedroom, where you're likely to hibernate this winter while binge-watching something on Netflix. And just like in fashion, no matter your tastes, the keys to warm winter style are layers and texture.

Modern medley

cosy-bedroom Image: You can probably imagine lying in late on the weekends with a strong cuppa tea reading a pile of your favourite magazines in this room (possibly posting an Instagram about it, too). We love the combination of the dark stone and rose hues, which is offset by a monochrome theme. The contemporary prints give this space a shot of chic sophistication.

Natural selection

winter-bedroom Source: When the nesting instinct kicks in, it's time to pile on the cushions and throws. It's quite unlikely you'd be able to leave this bed during the cooler months, but that's okay because that natural palette and earthy style will make you feel as if you're out in nature already. A caveat: this is the kind of bed that pets find irresistible, so if you have cats or dogs, don't plan on sleeping alone!

Light and airy

cosy-winter-bedroom Image: Elsa Young Faux fur and a cable-knit throw? There's no getting cold here, and yet despite how snug this room looks, the owners have still ensured the space is clean and pristine. A wooden headboard grounds the room, and pared-down decor lets the focus be right where it should be: on a cosy, cosy bed.

Warm blush

bedroom-for-winter Image: Accents of dusty pink and stone lend a pretty elegance to this bedroom. Getting out of bed in the morning is easier, too, when your feet have a soft, fluffy rug to land on. But the biggest comfort in this sleep space is the velvety duvet that invites long naps and dreamy slumbers.   Save Save Save Save