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Embrace the Outdoors

‘Tis the season to start spending more time outside making the most of the summer sun’s warmth. With this in mind, leading outdoor furniture company Mobelli has launched a stylish-yet-functional new range of alfresco sofas, tables, trolleys and more. We touch base with the patio products maven to learn more about their new collection and the joys of owning beautiful outdoor homeware in general. As one of the local leaders in outdoor furniture, could you offer some advice about what factors people should consider when buying alfresco furniture and accessories? Always consider comfort first. Buying pretty items that do not offer seat comfort will waste your time and money. Also consider where the furniture is going to be placed. Certain items will work better if placed partially undercover whereas others can dry quickly if exposed to rain. Then you also need to make sure the furniture is functional – you want tables that don’t wobble and cushions that can be sat on, even after you come out of the pool. Most importantly, you should purchase items that will entice you to be outside. Why's it a good idea to invest in great outdoor furniture in the first place? If you have great outdoor furniture, you will naturally spend more time outside enjoying your outdoor spaces with family and friends. The patio is also one of the most important areas when you want to resell your house. The majority of house adverts show a beautiful outside area. If you have a well-appointed one, it will add to the feeling of luxury and lifestyle that new homebuyers crave. You've recently launched a new range. Could you tell us a little about what makes it noteworthy? Our summer 2016 collection beautifully combines style and function, so all the items are both well-designed and practical. The range comprises a number of fashionable pieces that suit both contemporary and traditional houses and reflect the latest international trends. Speaking of, what are some of the current overseas trends in outdoor furniture? We are seeing a lot of exposed powder-coated aluminum combined with upholstery and there’s a trend towards fully upholstered items too. Although you always have to be cautious of buying pieces that cannot handle the outdoors. What are three stand-out items from your new collection that readers should definitely look out for? The Dinosaur Chair: this bold, broad, deep-seated chair has teak inserts and a unique woven marine rope that has been dyed a luminous cerise pink. This statement piece is robust and playful, without compromising on comfort. The Grande lounge suite: this elegant, linear suite is made up of a double-seater couch, a slipper couch, a coffee table and a regular-sized ottoman, and it's all furnished with resilient white vinyl cushions. The Baratolo Towel Caddy: this is a busy pool area’s best friend and it’s really great for anyone entertaining lots of guests as it serves as a convenient, compact home for towels, pillows and other poolside paraphernalia. mobelli.co.za