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Cosy up your lounge

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Cosiness can mean something different for everyone, be it a fur throw or a plush rug, or a glass of red wine shared on your favourite couch before a crackling fire. Whatever your version may be, cosiness tends to be that magic factor that transmutes a house into a home. HL spoke to Renée de Waal, founder of Cape Town interior architecture and design studio Xperiencemakers, about this topic. Renée and her team have worked on a number of incredible projects, from the restaurants at Spice Route to the tasting room and restaurant at Fairview and Diamant Estate, as well as a number of homes and corporate spaces.

‘A cosy lounge would have clean structural lines painted in warm colours and accentuated with the right kind of lighting, which will make a space feel more inviting,’ Renée says. ‘Fill it with a mixture of dissimilar furniture pieces to create visual textures and bring in the feeling of cosy.’
With that in mind, take a look at the tips we’ve put together to help you cosy up your main living space.

Look to your seating

If you’ve got enough space, make sure you have a variety of snug, comfortable seating options, from a cushy couch to a pouffe, a swing chair to a collection of over-sized scatter cushions. If you have an old house with wide windowsills, deck them out with beautiful scatters so that people can use them as seats. We’ve selected a few of our favourite ultimate comfy but stylish chairs; take a look below.
A variety of comfy seating options for your lounge. A variety of comfy seating options for your lounge.

Accessorise with care

Add decor accessories that are not just pretty but functional – say, attractive furry throws in winter and light cotton blankets in summer. Scatter cushions, as always, are a fantastic way to dress up a couch while making it even cosier. We’re utterly in love with everything Skinny laMinx is doing, and doubly so seeing that it’s 100% South African. These are a few of our favourite scatter cushions from the beloved Cape Town brand. Scatters

Personalise your space

Personal elements make a room dramatically more inviting. Make a space your own by hanging art or photographs in beautiful frames that fit your interior style. Find a striking example on page 60 of our July issue.
Photographer: Henrique Wilding for House & Leisure A very personal scene in the Oranjezicht home of interior stylist Jacqui McArthur. Photographer: Henrique Wilding

Let there be light

The right lighting is easily one of the most crucial elements of any space and can turn a clinical interior into a warm, welcoming one. Realsimple.com advises shedding light on three of the four corners of your living room. One of the three should be focused on an object: a plant, an artwork, a chair – anything prominent enough to warrant the spotlight. A combination of table and floor lamps, some shining upwards and others downwards, will add interest. These quirky lamps from Stable are designed and made right here in South Africa. You can order them online or get them direct from Stable’s store in Loop Street, Cape Town. Lamps Paplepeledfinal

Say it with paint

The colour you paint your walls should reflect the dominant tones in your living space, whether you want to resonate with your couch or highlight a colour on your rug. We consulted Plascon Colour Manager Anne Roselt, who gave us her top three trendy colours to use in a room in which cosiness is of central importance. They are: Peach Dawn (O4-B2-1), Starlight Express (Y5-E1-3) and Ewa (72).
Peach dawn bedroom wall Bedroom wall in Peach Dawn


Find our A-to-Z guide to decor, homeware and furniture for your lounge in our July 2016 issue.

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