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Cosy Sleepwear

The name just rolls off your tongue… La Ninna Nanna. Italian for lullaby, it’s the perfect description of how this range will make you feel at bedtime. Labelling itself La Ninna Nanna Dreamwear, the collection comprises all-in-one, curl-up-and-snooze sleep suits for both men and women. The winter range that was recently launched includes cosy sleep suits or “onesies”, “mooch suits” and hand-made slipper socks, so you have no excuse to be cold when the chill arrives. We love that it’s proudly local too – the fabric is knitted by talented craftswomen in Cape Town and uses 100% cotton and natural fibres. The garments also feature cute designs which are all produced by South Africans for that distinct local flair. Wear them as pyjamas or simply to slouch around in when you’re feeling lazy at home. You’ll be forgiven for not wanting to change out of them… They’re available from the Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town and other selected outlets. Contact Justine Luck on 071-951-6375 or email her at to get your hands on your own heavenly sleepwear.