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How to do a bathroom makeover on a budget

If your bathroom needs a style makeover but you're working with a strict budget, there are some quick fixes that will freshen up your space and give it some new perspective. We've listed six contractor-free ways to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Paint your tiles

Hating your tile colour doesn’t mean you need to take a sledgehammer to your bathroom. ‘It’s easy to paint over 
them,’ says Ashley McLeod of the blog Domestic Imperfection. She swears
 by Rust-Oleum’s Specialty Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit (available from Builders Warehouse). Follow the directions on the box and use a foam roller. (Fuzzy ones can leave lint behind.) The end result will be gleaming and durable. ‘My shower is going on a year, and not chip in sight,’ says McLeod.
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2. … and your cabinet

For those with laminate cabinets, blogger Jennifer Jones ( shares her trick: take the doors off and cover everything with a coat of oil-based primer. Once dry, sand, gently clean and paint. ‘You’ll need something heavy-duty, like exterior paint, that will stand up to the moisture,’ says Jones.
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3. Change your showerhead

‘The first thing I did in my rental bathroom was install a rain-style fixture,’ says interior designer Grant Gibson. ‘You just screw it on, and it’s like a new shower!’

4. Go wild with wallpaper

Since bathrooms are small, you don’t have to buy that much paper. Also, you won’t be in there 24/7, so you can get 
a little kooky with your pattern. If you paper a room that gets steamy, add extra paste at the seams, and always run your fan while showering. Or try vinyl decals (we love the My Wall Tattoos range) – they’ll hold up to moisture, and you can just peel them off when you want a new look.

5. Set a new mood

With your shower curtain and towels. By not matching them you can get creative.
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6. Improve your lighting 

Lighting designer Bill Schwinghammer shares three tips that will make you actually want to face the mirror in the morning: • For crisp, balanced light, use incandescent or halogen 60-watt bulbs. Definitely stay away from fluorescent bulbs, he says. • Replace any metal lampshades
or sconces with frosted-glass ones,
 as these cast a softer and more flattering glow. • No sconces? Keep overhead fixtures in the centre of the room, not above your makeup mirror. This cuts down on unflattering shadows.
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