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Bright Kitchen Light


All white kitchens have their origins in the northern hemisphere where long winters call for reflective surfaces that breathe light into gloomy homes. Glossy surfaces reflect light and are the perfect antidote to dark, cavernous spaces. Mix the two to create a luminous, airy kitchen. John Dammerman, marketing manager at ELK, says that high-gloss white melamine kitchens are popular at the moment. 'In the past, melamine formed the basis of a kitchen, but there is a trend towards the material as a focal point,' he says. This pale, lacquered minimalism; an Alpine-inspired palette, means that shapes and textures steal the show and are the epitome of elemental appeal. To get this look, consider combining high-gloss acrylics, high-pressure suede laminates or custom duco Supawood, but be warned: Glossy finishes are more maintenance that their matte counterparts. As beautiful as gloss finishes are, they show fingerprints and marks easily.

Cool as ICE

Take your cue from the ICE kitchen installation, the first chapter of a yearlong collab between British product design brand, Tom Dixon, and Caesarstone. A series of large monolithic triangular prisms in different sizes and heights form the base of the ICE kitchen creating food prep area, serving stations, surfaces and stools. Dixon's Melt Lights complement the ice theme. Unveiled at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canada, ICE was inspired by the country's frozen lakes and icebreakers that clear the way for freighters during the winter. Powering their way through the ice, they leave behind a frozen mix of jagged pieces in an array of whites and greys.