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Essential Braai Tools for Heritage Day

Heritage Day is almost upon us, which means that aside from celebrating our country's cultural diversity, it's also time to partake in the culinary custom that makes us South African - the good ol' braai. Doubling up as National Braai Day, 24 September is when we get out our braai tongs, light a fire and spend quality time with family and friends. Whether you're a novice or a braai master, this list of our favourite utensils from Yuppiechef will add some practical magic to your braaing experience.

The Ceramic Outdoor Oven

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

This fantastic cooker comes in three colours and is perfect for braaing, smoking, roasting and baking. Also called the Gourmet Pod, it's extremely versatile and will add a new dimension to your braaing experience. This nifty cooker comes complete with an integrated thermometer - so no more burning the meat.

The LED Grill Light

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

We don't all have the luxury of having a bright light directly above our outdoor cooking areas, and holding a torch is utterly impractical. The solution? This handy clip-on LED Grill Light. It has a strong magnetic clip that fastens perfectly onto your cooker and with its flexible chord it can be turned in any direction to put the spotlight on your food.

An Enamel Potjie Pot

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

The standard potjie pot comes in black, but with these new enamel pots, you can add a pop of colour to your cooking. The three legs allow for this pot to be placed directly over a fire or gas cooker. It is also large enough to cater for the whole family.

The Ultimate Apron

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

There's absolutely no reason to ruin your dinner outfit while you're braaing. This apron comes equipped with leather pockets for storing your braai utensils and the cotton canvas fabric keeps any mess away from your clothes. Wear it and feel like a pro.

The Flexi Skewer

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

Skewering your own meat or vegetables can be a fun activity for everyone to get involved in, and with this Flexi Skewer you can add a quirky touch to your braai. The flexible skewer can be twisted to suit the shape of your braai, and its added length allows for more ingredients than conventional skewers.

The Burger Stuffer

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

Get creative and cram your burgers with delicious ingredients using this Burger Stuffer. Designed for culinary experimentation, it works with any kind of ground meat, to which you can add a cheese filling or other ingredients like chutney, bacon or onion. If that's not enough to get your mouth watering, we don't know what is.

The Chimney Starter

Image Credit: Yuppiechef Image Credit: Yuppiechef

If you're someone who doesn't enjoy waiting for your fire to reach the optimal temperature for braaing or if you're in a rush to get the food going, look no further than this great contraption by Weber. Simply fill the canister with charcoal, place it on top of some firelighters and add a flame. It will reduce your waiting time by half. Save Save