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Ebony and Ivory

Le Creuset

Le Creuset may have become synonymous with vivid colour, but that doesn't mean that the brand doesn't see beauty in black and white. In fact, the much-loved French cookware manufacturer has been sure to develop a number of products in ebony and ivory to cater to those who aren't as keen to bring hues like 'cherry', 'flame' and 'Caribbean blue' into the home. This stems from Le Creuset's recognition that while coloured enamel is striking, there is no look more timeless and clean than a monochrome one. A black and white aesthetic is sophisticated yet unfussy, eye-catching yet clean, and it's perfect for anything from industrial to state-of-the-art contemporary kitchens. Plus, if a solely monochromatic palette is too harsh for you, you can always soften it with interesting textures or break it with a few extra pops of colour. LeCreuset3 Interestingly, although the vibrant shades are what make Le Creuset products stand out from the crowd, the items' handsome forms, intricate details and sculptural quality is brought out most in a black or white finish. If a stark theme is what you're going for, or even if you want only the sophisticated lustre of black or only the simple purity of white in your home, here's a peek at a few of the relevant products from Le Creuset.

beautiful in black

Black5 Signature Round Casserole with ergonomic handles and advanced easy-clean enamel; price starts at R1 400.

Black3 Salt and Pepper Mills in elegant classic forms; R450 each.

Black2 Venus Spatula Spoon with a high-quality silicone blade and wooden handle; R240.

Black1 Enamel-on-steel Shellfish Pot perfect for steaming mussels and oysters; R690.

pearly whites

White2 Oil and Vinegar Set that makes for a stylish table setting addition; R594.

White4 Whistling Kone Kettle with a sleek conical shape and heat-resistant folding handle; R1 450.

White3 Enamel Flower Casserole for side dishes or one-pot meals; R2 800.

White1 Small stoneware Breakfast Jug for milk, juice or sauces; R270.

There are plenty more black and white cookware items where these came from. Visit to find others.