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Breathe new life into your bathroom

Styling your bathroom can be a trying task. It's the one room in any home that needs to be unavoidably practical but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. There are many ways to spruce up your wet-room without drilling or retiling. Just refresh your decor selection - consider new towelling or storage options - that should give you a revamped look without breaking the bank. Don't fault us, we are always eager to renovate but at times you need to turn to decor for a more cost-effective plan. Our suggestions suite both masculine, feminine and contemporary spaces.  We have rounded up our favorite but very affordable accessories that will transform your space:

Branch laundry basket

laundry-basket Image Credit: Superbalist

This branch basket from Love Milo is great for storing dirty washing whilst adding some monochrome style to your space. Its malleable shape and waterproof fabric allows for it to be fitted snugly into any corner of your bathroom. (R599)

Copper Wire Shelf

copper-storage Image Credit: @Home

Copper is still on trend, and we're hoping it stays. These fantastic storage baskets can be placed under your sink, on a shelf or even on top of a side table in your bathroom. No one ever said storage can't be stylish. (R799)

Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel

bamboo-cotton-bath-towel-6009195118006 Image Credit: Woolworths

Invest in good quality toweling and envelop your body in comfort and luxury. We love the super soft bamboo cotton range from STUDIO W. Dark grey is always a winning colour for feminine or masculine spaces. (R275)

Estique Over-the-door Accessories Organiser

bathroom-storage-superbalist Image Credit: Superbalist

A nifty storage and mirror feature that fits over your door. Ideal for keeping your bathroom uncluttered, multi-functional and organized. It includes a mirror, bracelet storage, necklace storage, and a tray. (R449)

Marble Fig Three Wick Candle

marble-fig-three-wick-candle-9321998045981 Image Credit: Woolworths

Nothing creates an instantly tranquil ambience better than a beautiful candle. With its marble finish, this Country Road edition will add a touch of luxury to your space. (R699)

5 Prong Copper Door Hook

18021003 Image Credit: @Home

Door hooks are the perfect way to avoid drilling in your bathroom while freeing up much-needed space. This copper hook is functional and ultra-modern. (R319)

Terrarium Plant

terrarium-plant-6009195223335 Image Credit: Woolworths

Greenery is a must in any room, not only because of its positive oxygen attributes but also because it softens a space. We adore the new Woolworth's terrarium - perfect for the window sill. (R499)

The maxo rug

maxo-1-red-2-blue3-black-e1475140353826 Image Credit: Home Fabrics

These bold striped rugs from the new Home Fabrics collection would make great bathroom mats. Minimal, geometric, effective.

Sensual orange diffuser

18022761 Image Credit: @Home

Add an alluring scent to your space with this diffuser. Generally, diffusers last longer than most air fresheners and we love this dark bottle for any space. (R269)

Hub ladder

hub-ladder Image Credit: Superbalist

Ladders are becoming increasingly popular as storage options. They're fuss free and help you to avoid drilling into walls. With this tonal ladder you can say goodbye to clutter. (R1499)

Ceramic soap dispenser

bathroom-dispenser Image Credit: Superbalist

This gold ceramic bathroom dispenser is undeniably chic. For sprucing up your bathroom sink, this item will do the trick. (R349)