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Bank Your Bottles

While some may believe that the wine rack is a redundant item (why would you have unconsumed bottles of wine, right?), many more serious vino enthusiasts are in need of a place to store the myriad bottles that they've collected over time. And bar building a cellar or lining your vintages up along your kitchen counter, a stylish rack is the best storage solution. Plus, aside from its practical use, a bottle holder can also be an eye-catching decor item that adds pizzazz to your kitchen or living room. There's a wide assortment of options out there, including both quirky and sophisticated styles, so you're bound to find one that suits your aesthetic tastes. As a means of inspiration, we've rounded up a few unusual wine units below.

a barrel of bottles

What better place to store your reds and whites than inside the very receptacle used to mature wine? This authentic wooden barrel rack can hold up to 35 bottles horizontally and can be made to order by SA Wine Barrels.
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the magic spatula

If you have just one esteemed bottle you'd like to display at any point in time, the Spatula Wine Holder from Emerging Creatives is a playful, offbeat option. Made from powder-coated stainless steel, this fun item uses a counter-balancing technique to suspend the bottle almost by magic.
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build-your-own wine rack

Inspired by the concept of LEGO, this fascinating wine rack from Snapp Design comprises individual magnetic cylinders that can be attached to each other to form any configuration that appeals. It capitalises on the pleasure involved in creating things, and it gives owners control over size and colour (the cylinders come in a range of shades, including red, green, purple, black and orange).
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a curvy beauty

If you're looking for something sleek and sophisticated, this wooden wine rack from the Laid Back Co should do the trick. Made from recycled French oak barrels, this elegant holder impresses with its gentle curves and slender steel cables and can hold up to 24 bottles, one for every hour of the day.
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bubbles in blue

This bold, midnight blue wine rack from Leg Studios borders on abstract art. The offbeat piece, which features repeated circles in a random configuration, is made from a single folded sheet of powder-coated steel and two of the 12 cylindrical voids have slightly wider diameters than the others to accommodate larger bottles.
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a grand illusion

Here's a wine holder that can perform magic tricks. Seasoned U.S.-based illusionist Tony Potter has somehow managed to apply his talent for trickery to wood and create a rack that makes bottles (or at least the middle part of them) vanish into thin air as you slot them into place. Similarly, it also makes them (magically) reappear when you pull your chosen drink out of the holder. There's much speculation about how this illusion actually works, but part of the appeal is in not knowing and the mystery of it all will certainly intrigue your dinner guests. It's made from red oak and is available via Harlequin Illusions.
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