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Baby Noenoe

We just adore the pairing of Baby Noenoe's Crochet Blankets and Matching Bunnies and think they are the ideal gift for any mom-to-be. Baby Noenoe's hand crocheted ripple blankets are made from 100% cotton yarn in a selection of vibrant or pastel colours. They can be used as a lightweight pram blanket or for a newborn baby's cot. The beautiful knitted bunnies are also made with 100% cotton yarn and are available in an array of different colours to match the blankets. They are stuffed with a high quality unicurl, making each one unique and special. Both the bunnies and blankets can be ordered from the existing online colour collection or you can place an order for a custom design to choose your own colour scheme. All items are handmade by a community craft group in Prince Albert in the Karoo and the proceeds from the sales go straight back into the project to provide these women with a much-needed income. The crochet ripple blanket is R750 and the hand knitted bunnies are R280. To purchase, visit