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Acacia Tableware

Joburg-based designer and sculptor Pamela Schroeder's Acacia tableware range is truly unique, resembling the twigs from the tree with the same name. Made from metal and porcelain, her creations literally reflect her passion for nature, history and African cultures. Pamela's background in Art History, Sculpture, Fine Art and Graphic Design explain her interesting take on decor and the experimentation with different, opposing materials. The idea is that her porcelain and metal products both contrast as well as complement one another - and we think she's executed this beautifully. 'There is an ongoing conversation that exists between form, function, colour, texture, nature, history and self, contained in the everyday', she explains. Other home and tableware collections include her Seaweed, Jacaranda, Wisteria, Wild Olive and Protea ranges, amongst others. These pieces essentially demonstrate the point where nature and design intersect, yet the items still retain their functional purpose. Pamela's work is intended to be fully utilitarian, even though equal attention has been given to the beautiful, graphic detailing on each object. Just as fascinating is her jewellery range, which also takes inspiration from natural elements, including seeds, pods, sticks, flowers and indigenous plants. To view her fully body of work visit or email Pamela on Prices are as follows: Salt spoon - R98 Sugar spoon - R220 Teaspoon - 158 Swizzle stick - R139 Tapenade spoon - R220 Cake fork - R158 Short salt - R98 Cake lift - R318 Table fork - Hand forged Sheffield steel. R390 per piece Table knife - Hand forged Sheffield steel. R390 per piece Fish knife - Hand forged Sheffield steel. R390 per piece Butter spreader - R298 Soup spoon - Hand forged Sheffield steel. R390 per piece Dessert spoon - Hand forged Sheffield steel. R390 per piece