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Small Bathroom Ideas

Micky Hoyle, Elsa Young,

Though most won't claim that their bathroom is the most important room in the house, it's still a zone that we spend a lot of time in, and limited space here can be a real challenge. HL's decor expert, Mia Vincent, offers six useful tips for how to deal with a little lavatory:

1. fit in storage

If your bathroom has very little storage space, consider installing floating or corner shelves in the dead space that's not being used, like above the toilet cistern or below the sink. If tiling makes fitting shelves too tricky, buy a few straw baskets and place them strategically in the unused spaces mentioned. Bathroom3

2. play with proportions using mirrors

Hang an over-sized mirror in the room to create the illusion of space - a large framed mirror makes a bathroom look confidently bigger. You could also fit a number of smaller mirrors on a feature wall.

3. use colour and pattern sparingly

Opt for white or neutral Metro or Johnson tiles to make the room appear larger than it is. If you want a decorative element, introduce colour and pattern as an accent only - you could create a feature wall from Italtile's Mediterranean-style Pavimento Antiqua ceramic tiles, for example. If there's too much going on, it will feel like the room is closing in on you. If you do create a feature wall, make it the back wall so that the eye is drawn to the rear of the bathroom and it appears longer. Bathroom1

4. maximise your natural light

Consider sandblasting the bathroom window so that you don't have to use heavy curtains for privacy that block out natural light. If you do fit curtains, keep them translucent and hang them slightly wider than the breadth of the window to create the illusion that this aperture is bigger than it is.

5. combine your bath and shower

If there isn't enough space for a separate bath and shower in the room, combine them into one. This doesn't have to be done in the boring traditional fit-a-shower-head-above-the-bath way; rather, you could renovate more extensively and install a sunken or free-standing Victorian bath within a glass-encased shower zone. Bathroom4

6. make use of the ceiling

Plants add life to a small bathroom. If there isn't enough counter space to rest them on, suspend a kokedama or two from the roof. Pick up our March 2016 Small Spaces issue (on shelves now) to get more small bathroom inspiration.