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5 ways to revamp your kitchen


When it comes to efficiency, function, style and versatility, the kitchen is king. Turn to these five examples for ideas on how to update yours today.

1. The New York Kitchen

kitchen design If you’re after a masculine cooking area with all the bells and whistles, invest in high-quality stainless steel, anodised aluminium, textured granite and raw slate.

2. The Tokyo Kitchen

kitchen design Achieve understated glamour by pairing clean lines and dark tones with natural materials and brass accents. You want a space that plays the part of a kitchen, but doesn’t look it.

3. The Brussels Kitchen

kitchen design Combine traditional wood, marble and copper elements with 21st-century design, handle-free cabinets and state-of-the-art appliances in styling that celebrates the old and the new.

4. The Copenhagen Kitchen

kitchen design For a minimalist, European feel, contrast pops of black with pastel-painted units, white marble surfaces and light-wood finishes.

5. The Hong Kong Kitchen

kitchen design In a small room such as this one, the less clutter the better. Opt for minimal add-ons, sleek cabinetry and light, neutral hues to help create the illusion of space.