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5 plant-filled spaces we love

Whether it's the curious fiddle-leaf fig tree, a striking delicious monster or a simple, low-maintenance cactus, there's an indoor plant to suit everyone, green thumb or not. Plants aren't only an inexpensive way to decorate and add character to your living space – they also have proven health benefits. To offer a little inspiration, we've gone in search of our favourite plant-filled spaces – from bedrooms to restaurant interiors and offices – that strive to bring nature indoors.

dining room

plant-filled spaces Photography by Elsa Young/Frank Features

Despite having lived in England for more than 30 years, South African-born Joel Bernstein has infused his home with an earthy sensibility that is very un-British. In part, he's done this by bringing in a lot of greenery, helping to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. In Bernstein's dining room simplicity reigns supreme, with a row of potted plants along the windowsill to draw the eye to the lush, never-ending garden outside. See the rest of this gorgeous North London abode here.


plant-filled spaces Photography by Greg Cox/Bureaux

Naturally beguiling, low in maintenance and with a myriad species to pick from, air plants are becoming botanical must-haves du jour. A configuration of air plants suspended above this bathtub is an exotic and ever-evolving art installation. Creating a layered effect, flowering orchids and citrus blossoms complement the air plants and add a touch of drama. Read our definitive guide to air plants here.


Photography by Sarah de Pina

The offices of Lemon in Joburg look more like a contemporary art gallery than the workspace of a high-end design-services business. Using white walls and floors as a base, Lemon has brought life to the area with a giant living wall that transports you from a 9-to-5 environment to the middle of a lush rainforest.


Photography by Graeme Wyllie

Town – a Joburg dim-sum restaurant, bar and playground – is unfussy and pairs a multitude of plants with contemporary interior design. With its black-framed, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, a sleek Gregor Jenkin bar counter, wooden benches and oversized grey tables, the sleek interior could come across as cold if it wasn't for the surrounding 'forest' of hanging plants and ground-cover potted plants.


plant-filled spaces Photography by Henrique Wilding

Jacqui McArthur's home makes use of wallpaper to bring a touch of nature inside. Even though there aren't any real plants, her son Rhett's bedroom looks like something out of Where The Wild Things Are, with its stark monochrome aesthetic enclosed in a bare-boned forest of trees.
If you're looking for more ways to add a touch of green to your home, read our decor editor's guide here.
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