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5 cosy loft bedrooms that are perfect for winter

Following the winter solstice, further temperature drops across Southern Africa loom and we're strongly feeling the call to hibernate – preferably somewhere cosy and warm, like these five loft-style bedrooms.

kilim crazy

roof bedrooms Despite its sparse contents, this bedroom nook lacks nothing when it comes to colour or pattern. The white rafters, clean walls and wooden furniture provide a practically blank canvas for the vibrant kilim bed linen, cushion covers and rug which inject energy and warmth into this inviting retreat.

enchanted forest

If you're inclined to cocoon over winter, this enchanting space is just the place, with its deep shades of green reminiscent of a cool pine forest. A string of fairy lights and some well-placed candles add whimsy to this snuggle-worthy loft.

natural beauty

roof bedrooms Pattern play can be a powerful tool to direct the eye and make a small space appear larger. Here, juxtaposed with blonde wooden floors and simple furnishings, a graphic black-and-white throw demands our attention, successfully adding interest to an otherwise pared-back interior.

bungalow style

roof bedrooms This tiny house in East Austin mixes the aesthetic of a 1920s bungalow and a lofty barn, with just the right amount of white space so that it doesn't feel crowded. The cosy, space-saving sleeping area is the perfect place to curl up during dismal weather.

loft living

roof bedrooms Large and airy, this lofty space boasts a crisp white palette punctuated by open wooden rafters and plenty of greenery. Although it might come across a little stark, the abundance of plants keeps the room alive (literally) during the colder months. Find more inspiration for your own bedroom on our 'Rooms in Roofs' Pinterest board, here.