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4 Kitchen Appliances of 2016

If 2016 is your year to focus on improving your kitchen, then it's time you paid attention to what German brand Gaggenau is producing in the culinary space. With a focus on design and innovation, this 300-year-old company knows what works best in the kitchen. Its design focuses on the essential and its distinct quality rises above fleeting cooking fads. The use of stainless steel and aluminium is key to the longevity of Gaggenau appliances. We take a look at four different appliance designs that this top brand has on offer.

Turn up the heat

1. The glass ceramic cook tops ensure that just about all kinds of pots and pans can be used, enabling heat to be distributed efficiently. 2. The combi-steam ovens have a range of humidity levels to choose from, meaning that you can do everything from steaming to baking, simmering to braising, regenerating or extracting juice, as well as grilling and browning. You could even try your hand at sous vide cooking as these ovens have accurate temperature control. 3. Imagine a full-surface induction cook top that transforms the entire surface of the appliance into one large cooking zone... that's what Gaggenau's CX 480 does, saving space and improving energy efficiency all at once. induction

Keep it cool

4. The Vario Cooling 400 series sets standards in terms of design, functionality and convenience. This modular system of fully integrated appliances, resulted in the world’s first cooling wall. It means you can mix and match the cooling appliances that best suit your needs, for example, a fridge and wine climate cabinet, or a fridge and freezer. All of these cooling systems have several climate zones in which temperatures can be set to the precise degree to ensure you don't damage any ingredients. Fridge Watch the video: