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10 Tips for Choosing a New Kitchen

Aside from producing a beautiful range of nature inspired furniture the award-winning design duo, Norman Meyer and Abrie von Wielligh of Meyer Von Wielligh custom design, manufacture and install kitchens taking in the practicalities of work surfaces and equipment requirements and balancing this with quality craftsmanship and gorgeous aesthetics in a range of styles. Here are their top 10 tips for what to take into consideration when choosing a new kitchen:

  1. Think about what you want from your kitchen and plan its design around your needs – Do you enjoy cooking and entertain a lot, or will you only be making the odd cup of coffee and light meal?
  2. Make a list of appliances and must-haves. This is a good starting point as these needs will have to be incorporated into the kitchen layout and design.
  3. Your food preparation area, cooking area, food storage and water point should ideally be organised in a triangular formation for ease of use.
  4. If you want to maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen and have ease of access go for drawers and pull-out cabinets.
  5. Have sufficient lighting. Aside from illuminating your work surface, lighting also creates a mood.
  6. Choose the right counter top and familiarize yourself with the options to figure out what works best for you - Wooden tops / Natural stone tops / Engineered tops / Porcelain slabs
  7. Invest in quality hardware, such as drawers, hinges and pull-out units. These are the moving parts of your kitchen and need to function perfectly. Nothing is more irritating than a draw that won’t close properly.
  8. Make sure that all electrical and plumbing points are in place.
  9. Have enough storage space.
  10. Form follows function. Once all the practical requirements have been considered, choose the look that you want for your kitchen – modern, contemporary, classic,French, farm style, country.
For more kitchen inspiration, see our April 2015 issue of House and Leisure magazine.