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See a total bathroom makeover by WOMAG

In a celebration of its 25th year as a leader in the design arena, WOMAG partnered with House and Leisure and interior designer Samantha Lurie of Sprout Design to give one reader a Cinderella dream bathroom makeover worth R75 000.

The Challenge

Robyn Galiem was the lucky winner of the WOMAG Cinderella dream bathroom makeover, but as with any renovation, her space posed its own unique challenges. In the case of Robyn's bathroom, the team had no prior knowledge that her floors were partially wooden. Working within a set costing framework is the archetypal challenge of any renovation. 'I'm sure we could have done it cheaper, but we wanted to give Robyn an unbelievable bathroom, and that's what we did,' says Oren Sachs, director of WOMAG. The team was sent back to the drawing board many times when practical problems arose. The insight? Sometimes plan B can be even better than the initial idea.

The Solution

The solution is a modern one that strays away from trends and instead embraces classic neutral hues, natural textures and clean finishes. Samantha chose mixed materials within the space to add dimension and depth. Grey, marble-look tiles were used on the walls, which gave the aesthetic appeal of marble at a cost-effective price – and with zero maintenance. The practical, wood-effect tile floor was laid in a contemporary herringbone pattern that has come to characterise Samantha's work. 'The Grigio Argento countertop was made from a single tile. It really brings a sense of authenticity to the space,' adds Oren.

The Takeaway

Oren believes that the secret to success lies in the details. Plan everything, from materials to suppliers, then get the design onto paper and take it from there. For Samantha, who led the refurbishment of this bathroom, colour is a great starting point. Trends are transient, so stick with smart, neutral tones that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.