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Whimsy wall decals

There are so many reasons why we love these whimsical wall silhouettes.  The bold outlines sourced from a fanciful cast of characters including loveable apes, robotic figurines, winged giraffes and long –eared foxes are so delightful you won’t be able to blot the smile from your lips. They make for quirky pieces of wall art whether in children’s bedrooms or entertaining spaces, adding a touch of madness to any surface. Easy to apply and quick to remove, they cut out the hassle of drilling holes and the inevitable skew suspensions and can be custom designed to fit any size requirements (some even include attachments so you can have fun editing dimensions) All of the illustrations on the whimsy website are available as decals, but don’t take our word for it, log on, and loose yourself in the wonderful world of Whimsy. Prices are dependent on the size of the decal, supplied on an order-only basis (roughly R600-R800/m2 and R1 000-R1 500 for a 2m high decal) For more information visit the Whimsy website or email