Walls and Floors
4 contemporary flooring trends that will transform your home
Be inspired by these up-to-the-minute surface ideas for your floors.
learn how to tile like a pro
Leading mortar manufacturer Weber has provided a three-step video guide on how to tile successfully
Dress your space with wood
Meet the go-to experts in timber beams, poles and boards
Install the King of Drywalls
Saint-Gobain Gyproc tells us about its innovative new wall product
Get the Three Quarter Look
How to achieve this bold paint effect
The Three Quarter paint effect featured in our 2016 Before & After issue might look like a risky project to take on, but it’s really quite easy to achieve and can be very striking if done properly and if paired with beautiful furniture and accessories that complement the colour in the top quarter. This effect was creat
Get the Tapestry Look
A step-by-step guide to creating this wispy paint effect
Get The Geometric Look
A step-by-step guide to achieve a geometric paint effect
The dos and don’ts of flooring
Advice for installing new floors
Renovate Through Play
Learn from this simple yet bold room revival
Cement Head
How to apply cement flooring your home
We recently featured a staircase makeover with Cemcrete installed by Cherubinos in HL Jan/Feb 2016 and the result is truly outstanding. Not only does the cement colour and smooth texture update the space entirely but it also feels really good to walk on and makes the staircase more minimal and functional. It’s time we cleared up a few grey areas with regards to the actual product and application, so we’ve asked Nadine Prinsloo, Marketing Manager at Cemcrete to answer a few key questions: Where can Cemcrete be applied? Cemcrete offers a range of floor and wall finishes for all areas of your project, whether it i