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Wall Art Decals

Wall Art Studios, based in Woodstock, offer a large and assorted range of wall art decals, ideal for both kids' bedrooms or as statement pieces in your home or office. We asked owner, Vicki Joubert how best to decorate your walls. 'Wallart vinyl decals/stickers are an amazing way to decorate walls, furniture, cars, tiles and windows. Inexpensive and removable, you don't have to go through the trouble of repainting walls or removing wallpaper,' says Vicki. 'With vinyl decals you can turn a blank wall into a forest, garden or savannah; alternatively, you can choose to use an inspirational quote.' 'The application of the decals is very easy; peel off the backing paper, stick it to the wall, rub down hard and then remove the clear transfer sheet. The vinyls have a matte finish so they look as though they have been painted onto the wall. People often come into our shop thinking that the designs have been hand-painted.' Another plus factor is for people who are renting, continues Vicki. 'Most rentals have strict policies about painting and nailing into walls. This way, there is no surface damage because they are so easy to remove.' Visit Wall Art Studios at 206 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town. View their website and full catalogue at, email or call 021-447-9644 for more information.