The ultimate black book for renovations


The ultimate black book for renovations

renovations black book

If you’re renovating, refer to the experts who helped our readers with their own projects, with our ultimate #HLRenoIssue black book.

aluminium doors & windows

Eurostyle (CT), Andre Morgenrood, 021-552-8092,


Architectonique (CT), Steve Mellet, 021-979-3946,
GASS Architecture Studios (JHB), Lizelle McLean, 082-495-9551,,
Grobler Architects (CT), Clinton and Diana Grobler, 021-913-0366,
Warrick Raubenheimer Architecture (CT), Warrick Raubenheimer, 082-460-6635,

art & framing

Krisjan Rossouw (CT), 083-225-2117,
The Atelier (JHB), 011-482-2137,,

bathroom accessories

Still Bathrooms (CT), 021-421-9970,


Elzabe de Klerk (JHB), 083-275-0526,
MH Maintenance (CT), Mario Swart, 021-979-0077,,
Team Austin (CT), 021-791-0890,


Discount Flooring Centre (JHB), 071-473-0633,,

curtains & curtain rails

Daniels Interiors (CT), Neil Nefdt and Gerald Daniels, 021-447-5011
Dorado Cape (CT), 021-448-7676,

doors & window frames

Amdoor (CT), Mauritz Wessels, 021-701-4566, (wood)
Matthews Aluminium (CT), Claude Munnik, 021-905-4792, (aluminium)


Christo Appel Designers (CT), Christo Appel, 084-696-0460


Sulaiman Geyser (CT), 083-731-1242


Dawood Cassim (JHB), 072-352-2264 (upholstery)
Hertex (CT), 021-461-7420/3, (patio cushions, headboard, blanket box)
Home Fabrics, (curtains)
Lula Fabrics (CT), 021-797-7472,
Mavromac & Gatehouse,


MJ Flooring (CT), Warren Jeppe, 082-442-8666,
Oggie Flooring (CT), 021-510-2846,


Mobelli (CT), 021-434-2280,
Stokperd Furniture (CT), 082-372-2111,
Wunders (JHB), 011-262-0295,

glass balustrades & shower panels

We Install It (CT), Pierre Guba, 073-938-4230,

granite kitchen counters and Blanco kitchen basin and tap

Stonehenge (CT), 086 133-4499,


Andre Kleynhans Interiors (KZN), Andre Kleynhans, 083-619-0326,
Daniels Interiors (CT), Neil Nefdt and Gerald Daniels, 021-447-5011
Goet Furniture (JHB), Rhone van Gass, 082-773-2056,,
Holger Schütt Interiors (CT), Holger Schutt, 082-499-1117, Holger Schütt Interiors
Kimmy & Bear Spaces (JHB), 071-671-0298,
Lucas Mthimunye (JHB), 083-511-5040 (painting)
Moroccan Warehouse (CT), 083-261-8061,
Vanilla House (CT), 021-461-0767,


Cole’s Kitchens (KZN), 039-312-0650,
Nieuwland Kabinetmakers (CT), Albert Nieuwland, 083-284-3108
Spotlight Joinery (CT), 021-762-9253,
Stoneweave (CT), Matthew Wilkinson, 073-608-3888,


Karen Viljoen (JHB), 082-372-7913
Savscapes (CT), 021-913-3619,
Signature Gardens (CT), 076-719-3918,
Terra Bella Landscapers (JHB), Berdine Dorland, 082-804-2790


Era Lighting (Worcester), 023-347 5151/0,
Hoi P’loy (CT), 021-447-1433,
Lights by Linea (CT), Xolani Gcolotela, 021-511-6116,


Prominent Paints (CT), 021-510-1094,


Allsure Plumbing (CT), Scott Cloete, 082-414-4641

pool decking

Deckscapes (CT), Charles de Jongh, 086-010-4093,

shower doors & sanware

Sandy Warner Sanware (CT), 082-443-3014,
Showerline (CT), Dirk Kotze, 021-797-3695,

structural engineering

Endecon Western Cape (CT), Michiel Knoetze, 082-444-4399
Nolte Engineers (CT), Jaco Nolte, 083-287-6373,

tiles, stone cladding & tiler

Ceragran (CT), Beata Blaszczyk, 021-465-8966,
Italcotto (CT), Tiziana Tarantello, 021-425-4192,
Mazista Tiles (CT), Eddie Collop, 021-511-6640,
Muse Tiles (CT), 021-418-6757,
Stone Age Construction (CT), Marius Burger, 076-628-0525, (stone cladding)
Thabang Sekwati (CT), 076-664-2871 (tiler)
The Tile House (CT), Ilza Amon, 021-506-3020,
Tilespace (CT), Tony Mendes, 021-510-2081,


Think Company x Kimmy & Bear (JHB), 010-500-2417,
Wall Coverings (CT), Felicity Bassett, 021-465-6547,
Wall-paper Umhlanga (KZN), 031-561-2294,

wooden floors, sanding & staining

The Dustless Floor Sanding Co (CT), 086-000-0880,,