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Top tips from 2 pro renovators


Top tips from 2 pro renovators

In the ultimate guide to home renovations, we consult two industry experts, gallerist and interior designer Dylan Thomaz and stylist Charlotte Collins, for their insider advice and handy tips. Discover all you need to know about renovations in our #HLRenoIssue – on shelves now!

Dylan Thomaz's Renovation Tips

What are your top 3 tips for renovating a space? 1. Always apply the 80/20 rule when looking at what needs to be done versus the nice-to-haves. 2. Complete one room properly at a time so nothing will feel half done. 3. Live in the space to truly understand it. Do you have a favourite renovation? That's a tough one as I have enjoyed all of our renovations – I enjoy seeing a vision come to life. I do, however, love the renovation done to my home. It's simple and sophisticated and represents me at this moment in time. Any horror stories? While working on a project with a tight deadline, we hit a pipe while trying to put up floating shelves. This happened at 4.45pm and the building has strict rules that state no work after 5pm. We had to chase into the wall to stop the leak and the noise on went well after 5pm. What do you predict for renovation trends in 2018? Money is tight, so people are getting creative and wanting to restore things to their natural beauty. Having mentioned that, I would say new tiling and flooring techniques are trending, with a greater emphasis on restoration vs replacement. I also firmly believe that opening spaces up to allow natural light in should never date as a trend. What's your top handy trick for renovating on a budget? Always work on perceived value to get the best outcome and simplify the design of the space so that it can evolve as you do. Find out more about Dylan Thomaz here.

Charlotte Collins' Renovation Tips

What are your top 3 tips for renovating a space? 1. Get great subcontractors. I can’t stress this enough. Surround yourself with the best trades. You might pay more initially but in the long run, it will be cheaper 2. Always have a contingency budget as it is inevitable that something unforeseen will come into play. 3. If you have never used a builder before, firstly, go and see at least three of his last jobs and get a contract in place. Do you have a favourite renovation? I have done lots for myself that I loved from a design point of view. As far as clients go, there are two that are my favourite. Both were apartments that I completely gutted last year. The clients on these jobs trusted my vision and just let me run with their projects. It made for the best working relationship you could possibly ask for. Any horror stories? I've had a few! I've made mistakes in taking builders at face value and have ended up paying heavily both financially and emotionally. What do you predict for renovation trends in 2018? For me, this year will definitely be about trying to make a project as green and self-sufficient as possible, from grey-water tanks and solar panelling to making veggie gardens part of the garden design. Living walls are also going to be big! What's your top handy trick for renovating on a budget? My advice would be to do things in phases and plan your wish list in its entirety. For example, in my current house, when I drew up the plans I knew that ultimately I would want to extend both the bathrooms and upstairs bedrooms. I planned for this in phase one by including a slab above my kitchen to accommodate this at a later stage. Find out more about Charlotte Collins here.
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