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5 things to consider when renovating your bathroom

Image credit: Greg Cox/Bureaux.co.za

Renovating in general is an exciting but exhausting exercise – and updating a bathroom can also become a lot more technical. Unless you're a professional or a homeowner who has remodelled bathrooms in the past, it's best to seek expert advice before proceeding. We've teamed up with WOMAG to bring you a few handy tips to consider.

1. know what a bathroom renovation costs

There's nothing worse than budgeting for a renovation and then realising halfway through that it's going to cost way more than you thought. Ensure that you have a realistic budget plan in place before going ahead with the building. While you're at it, plan a timeline too, so you can make sure you're on track. Handy hint: add 10% to your total budget to cater for unforeseen expenses.
Image by Greg Cox/Bureaux.co.za.

2. consult an expert in the industry

While the DIY method may seem like the easier and less pricey option in the beginning, having a designer or architect involved is ultimately money well spent. Asking an expert to help you set a realistic plan will avoid expensive errors that may end up costing more in the long run.

3. consider where the existing plumbing and electrical outlets are situated

It's best to keep existing piping where it is to save the big bucks. Relocating facilities such as the toilet or bathtub can cost up to R50 000, which is no small fee. It's also good to be aware of water lines to avoid generating a costly leak.
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4. use large-format tiles

Not only are large-format tiles easier to clean and maintain, but they also have a timeless and elegant look. Because of their larger size, they also make a space look bigger, making them perfect for a smaller bathroom. Use patterns to create dramatic and dynamic looks for an instant design upgrade.

5. go green with upgrades

While Cape Town is suffering serious drought problems, it is important world-wide to conserve water. When renovating, take the chance to 'greenify' your bathroom. Add a grey-water system to save water or connect your toilet and shower to a borehole (if you have access to one) to prevent wasting potable water. Although large shower heads are luxurious, choose a smaller one that will dramatically cut your water usage.
Image credit: Micky Hoyle