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learn how to tile like a pro

There is an art to tiling. Smooth surfaces and precision is vital. We often turn to the professionals to complete this task for us as we feel the pressure is far too great to ensure a perfect finish.However, Weber has launched a three-step guide on how to select the most suitable products for each step of the tiling process. The easy-to-use videos show that if you follow a simple step-by-step process, you can achieve the perfect professional outcome with any tiling job for the respective surface. Weber is a leading international industrial mortar manufacturer, owned by Saint-Gobain, and you can be assured all their products provide leading solutions to our building woes. Weber is a reliable and trusted brand, dedicated to making sure their customers are always happy. These videos are easy to follow and make us want to start tiling today.

Step one: Surface prep

It's imperative that you always prepare your surface accordingly as this will impact the final outcome of your product. Weber recommend using their additive and surface-coating products that you can apply before and after your surface preparation. Products best suited for surface preparation would be Bondit, Barrier Flexkey, surface coating, Keyit, Plaskey coating, universal bonding aid and decorative waterproof coating. These products are durable, water-resistant and work on flexible surfaces.

Step two: Adhesive

Once your surface is prepped, you can now look into adhesive products. Weber offers adhesives for ceramics, porcelain, clay, mosaic, marble, sandstone and slate. Special formulas have been made to ensure varied setting times and are suited to flexible surfaces.

Step three: Grout

The final step is grouting. Your surface has been prepped and your tiles have been placed; now it's time to complete the final look. Two options are available in grout - tile grout (nine colours are available) and barrier waterproofing tile grout (two colours). These two products are based on dry and wet interiors, and will ensure that your surfaces are left looking as if a professional completed them. Additional products can be used to guarantee extra strength. For more information on Weber products please visit Save Save