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Streamline Your Facade

Elsa Young <strong> Styling </strong> Leana Schoeman

Leon Roper and Andria Grobler bought their house because of its spectacular views from Waterkloof Ridge north over Pretoria, but the house itself was far from what they had in mind. The front facade presented a key problem. It was very 'bitty' and busy, a far cry from the 'sleek modern block with a flat roof' that the owners wanted. The clean, congruous resulting design is still based on a grid of the existing interior of the house, but architect Bryan Dunstan of BD Studio, 'tried to reduce it to as little as possible so it would be quiet, simple, reduced almost to nothing.' The new even spacing of the windows and columns on the top floor was achieved by having the windows not quite touching the interior wall, but floating in front of it. In other words, the divisions you see on the ribbon of glass do not coincide with the divisions of the rooms behind. Bryan says this was to achieve a quietness in the exterior design in its evenness and lack of complication.

before (after above)

Roper2 This focused renovation idea comes out of a home update story from our 2015 Before & After issue.