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Squeaky Clean

Don't be fooled. Your shower drains don’t have to be round, plain, boring or ugly.

HL got some insight into the well thought out and beautifully designed CleanLine shower channels for floor-even showers from developer Geberit: 

With open, floor-even showers in great demand, this is the perfect time for Geberit to develop new, easy-clean shower channels with exceptional aesthetics that are just as easy to install as a normal floor drain.

Geberit CleanLine shower channels can be customised to suit the exact size of the showering area and are very user-friendly. They represent a new innovation in every respect. Every last detail fulfills the requirements for trend-setting sanitary technology– from the high discharge rate of the flat trap and the well-tested installation and sealing technology right through to the function and shape of the shower channel itself.


Excellent interfaces

To ensure that the shower channels are equally suitable for use in new buildings and in renovations, the installation kits are available in two construction heights: for a screed build-up at the inlet of 65 mm or more, or 90 mm or more. Geberit focused particularly on making sure that the shower channels are just as easy to install as normal floor drains. Drainage in floor-even showers always requires input from several different trades and they should all be able to get to grips with the simplicity of the new Geberit shower channels straight away.

Permanent seal

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring a permanent seal. With the new shower channels, this is easier to overcome than ever before, as a sealing foil is injected firmly into the outlet at the factory. The tiler can then easily incorporate this into the shower floor seal, saving time and stress.

Exceptional design

The Geberit CleanLine shower channels can be placed against the wall or in the middle of the shower area. The shower channels, which are made of brushed stainless steel, are available in different variants and in lengths of either 0.9 or 1.3 metres. They can then be cut to the desired size during installation. Once installed, a shower channel acts as an open profile in which water collects and flows to the inlet connector.

Simple cleaning

This means that the innovative Geberit CleanLine shower channels can be cleaned in next to no time. If you have cleaned a conventional shower channel before, you will know how much dirt can accumulate under the cover, very often undetected. The new Geberit shower channels offer an ideal solution to this unhygienic problem, as there are no hidden edges and no corners in difficult-to-reach places. And what's more, the short inlet connector cover with integrated comb insert can be removed and cleaned in no time at all.

Highly practical

The Geberit CleanLine shower channels are just as easy to install as a conventional floor drain. Sealing foil is fitted at the factory to ensure a permanent seal.


Geberit CleanLine shower channels can be cleaned quickly yet thoroughly.

Cover with comb insert

The inlet connector cover features a comb insert which effectively holds back hair and other larger particles to prevent the drain from becoming clogged

Flexible placement 

The shower channels can also be placed directly against the wall if required.

Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.

For more information, visit geberit.co.za.