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Mercia de Jager from Miele – creators of culinary cooking centres – tells us about the company's new CombiSet modules which can turn an ordinary home kitchen into a professional one. The Salamander: Professional cooks in restaurants appreciate the salamander as the ideal appliance for gratins, glazing and keeping dishes warm. This is accomplished using radiant heat above the dish. In professional kitchens, salamanders are generally bulky appliances, which require a great deal of countertop space. The Miele salamander however, offers a space-saving solution – when switched off, the appliance shows only its elegant and inconspicuous stainless steel cover and controls. Only when in use, does the appliance reveal what is otherwise hidden in the cabinet below – a motor raises the heating element and base directly out of the countertop. The distance between the base and halogen-heating element can be adjusted within a fixed range, and the heat controls can be adjusted in 12 stages. Induction wok: 
 Fans of Asian cuisine find a wok indispensable. It allows you to quickly and easily fry vegetables, meat, poultry or fish in their own juices and refine the final dish with a selection of sauces. Traditionally, high-performance gas burners were considered the only practical source of heat for this kind of cooking, however, the induction wok provides a high-performance alternative. Miele’s induction wok module comes complete with its own wok pan, which fits perfectly in a recess in the ceramic surface of the unit – this ensures that the heat is transferred directly to the food. A switchable booster provides for additional power when required. When the dish is cooked, simply switch off the induction wok and the heat will be instantly discontinued, ensuring that the dish does not continue to cook. The Barbecue grill: Grilling has always been the ultimate way of cooking juicy steaks and other meat dishes. The new CombiSet range offers a barbecue grill, measuring 280mm wide. A notable feature of the barbecue grill is the separately controlled heating circuits, which allow you to cook at full power in the front area of the grill, while just keeping things warm on the rear area. Grill plates are available as accessories – these can be used in place of the grill grates to provide a smooth surface for grilling fine fish fillets for example. Tepan yaki:
 Invented by the Japanese, the tepan yaki is a heated stainless-steel surface that is ideal for sautéing dishes. The secret lies in the fact that food cooked on a tepan yaki is subjected to intense contact heat. Similar to barbecue grills, the tepan yaki is also equipped with two separate heating circuits, which allows you to keep food warm on the rear half, while simultaneously preparing food in the front. For more information and retailers of Miele products, visit Prices as follows: The Miele CS1421S 38cm Salamander - R16 999. The Miele CS1223i 38cm Induction Wok - R24 999. The Miele CS1312BG 28cm Barbeque Griller - R10 999. The Miele CS1327Y 38cm Tepan Yaki - R18 999.