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Save water with this sink


Water restrictions around the country are making many of us look at our water usage differently. There are plenty of smart ways to cut down on your water consumption and one of these genius ideas is the toilet sink. Its smart design can also be an agreeable addition to your bathroom, and if space is limited it'll free some up for a decent towel rack or cupboard. The sink and tap is placed above the toilet's cistern so that the soapy water can be used to fill the tank. This is a smart way to make use of 'grey' water rather than simply letting it rush down the drain and into the sewage system. Grey water is water that you wouldn't be able to drink, such as the water you use to shower in or to wash the dishes, but which is still good enough quality to water your garden, wash the car or flush your toilet with. According to Let's Go Green, 50 to 80% of household water is grey water, so there is plenty of opportunity for most homes to make better use of their used water. This video by Australian bathroom company Caroma demonstrates how a toilet sink works. Got any other smart yet stylish water saving tips? Tell us in the comments section below!