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Refit, Renew, Revamp

Production and Photographs Henrique Wilding
1 TEXTURED WALLS Don't confine decadent flocked-velvet wallpaper to the bedroom. By dressing a wall in an unlikely room - such as in a kitchen - in contrasting textures in a dominant hue, you'll get a snug atmosphere and anchor the space. Balance the drama with sleek-lined furniture and bright acid accents. 2 NEW FLOOR IDEA Making more of a long, narrow bathroom is always difficult to conceptualise. But anchored by an all-white poured-resin floor, what could end up feeling cramped and poky is given an air of space and light. Extend wall cladding - horizontally placed wide-cut laminated planks and frosted glass - from the floor to the ceiling; and stow medicines and toiletries in a mirrored cabinet that's almost flush with the wall. Ask yourself whether you even need a bath - in these water-challenged times, shower rooms are the way forward. 3 GLASS CLADDING Mosaic tiles aren't the only way to incorporate coloured glass into a space. In an open-plan kitchen, a glossy glass panel is non-porous, mildew-resistant and hygienic, making it a stylish splashback. 4 FABRIC MAKEOVER When it comes to remaking old into new, fabric opens up a whole world of possibilities. Romantic, painterly prints can be combined in such a way as to yield a fresh, modern effect. 5 MIX PAINT AND WALLPAPER Give a fresh, quirky touch to an ordinary storage unit by inlaying its interior panels with wallpaper and standing it against a confidently painted accent wall. Your choice of colour and wallpaper should complement the room's overall decor scheme. 6 PAINT Paint effects add a deft touch - plus you can always change your mind later without blowing the budget. 7 WINDOW REFIT The design of modern homes is about celebrating views. Simply by installing oversized floor-to-ceiling aluminium-framed doors on sliders along the aspect with the best view, can give an instant update. The addition of retractable, slatted aluminium and stainless-steel shutters (powdercoated and impervious to rust) reinforces safety and security, reduces the impact of harsh summer sun, and keeps guests cosseted from prying eyes and outside noise. 8 FABRIC WALLPAPER Lengths of fabric can be laminated onto a paper backing and transformed into wallpaper. Making faithful denim more than just blue jeans - it works as a décor option, too. This hard-wearing fabric gives a masculine edge to a room, even as a wallcovering. Balance the neutral base with fun, tribal accents in vibrant colours and a textural, shaggy rug. This article was originally featured in the July 2010 Renovations issue of House & Leisure. Get our latest July 2013 Renovations issue - on sale now!