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Q&A: Trellidor

There's no need to resort to home security that makes you feel as if you’re in prison every time you look out a window. HL chatted to Trellidor about safe, but contemporary security solutions. How do I decide on the right security style for my home? The first question to ask when deciding on a security barrier style is what type of room you’re trying to secure. Ask yourself whether it’s a room that fronts onto the street and must have kerb appeal, or whether it’s a room with a great view that requires burglar proofing that is uncluttered. Alternatively, is it a safe zone where strength and features such as being able to open up as an escape route are important; or is it a room that just requires functional protection? What are my security barrier options? Once you’ve decided on the room’s security requirements you can move onto the choice of burglar proofing design. It’s no longer just a choice between trellis-style gates or swing gates, curly or square rigid steel burglar bars. Trellidor offers a wide variety of options such as Trellidor Clear Guard security screens (aluminium frame with stainless steel mesh insert); Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters that can be automated and remote controlled; Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars (a premium strength design); as well as the more traditional trellis-style products. Can you mix and match security barriers? Yes you can. You may decide that you want Trellidor Clear Guard security screens on windows and doors that look out onto your entertainment area as they are really very attractive. These cost more than conventional products, so you could stretch the budget by installing Trellidor Retractable trellis-style security doors in other areas, or the more economical Trellidor Burglar Guard range on other windows and doors. How do I choose security when there are so many choices? It’s a good idea to call Trellidor because we offer a free security assessment of your home. We go through the product range with you and advise on the best products to suit your circumstances. What things need to be taken into account? You need to consider the following: • Is the product I’m considering off-the-shelf or custom-made? This will affect the strength of the door or window security barrier, with custom-made always being stronger than DIY. • What is your budget for each room? Generally, stronger products or more highly engineered products and will cost more, but the result is worth it. You can also spread the financial load by choosing products in different price ranges or securing a safe zone first and moving onto the rest of the house when you can afford it. • What is the risk profile of my home? This will affect how robust your door or window protection should be. The higher the security risk, the stronger the security barrier should be. For more information or to enquire about a free security assessment for your home, visit trellidor.co.za. Compiled by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha, Images Courtesy Of Trellidor